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Koster, finally

Nordkoster panorama (click to enlarge).
Nordkoster panorama (click to enlarge).

For several years Koster has been a destination we wanted to reach on our summer cruises. The closest we ever got was Strömstad, where we more than once have been stuck due to bad weather. This year though, we took advantage of the good weather and made it to Koster.

The guest-harbor  in Kostersundet
The guest harbor in Kostersundet

The guest harbor looks idyllic, but on the outer dock boats are stacked 5-6 on top of each other. When the crew of the outermost boat decides to march back and forth over the deck of the other boats several times in course of the night, some of that idyll evaporates.

Chart thumb


Latitude: 58° 53.695 N
Longitude: 11° 0.829 E

Click chart to view larger scope, or here for an even larger scope in a separate window.

Chart data ©Kartverket.