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Fall Colours

Oscarshall dressed in fall colours
Oscarshall dressed in fall colours

Yet an other windless afternoon (the waves in the picture is from the photographer walking out on the pontoon). So instead of sailing, our new in-line dehumidifier’s wet-air outlet got installed. A season-appropriate task, I think.

Chart thumb


Latitude: 59° 54.575 N
Longitude: 10° 41.701 E

Click chart to view larger scope, or here for an even larger scope in a separate window.

Chart data ©Kartverket.

Foiled weekend sailing

The culprit
The culprit

Our start battery worked flawlessly, during our week-long summer cruise. Two weeks later, when I pressed the start button there was a loud click followed by silence. Only after disassembling the engines electronics (or more accurately electromechanics), did I think of checking the battery.

The battery was connected to a charger, and appeared to be receiving maintenance charge. However, the voltage dropped, to 4 volt when attempting to start. In the two weeks the battery was left idle, but charging, it had developed a major internal resistance. I am guessing it is a dried out cell. ‘Maintenance free’ should read ‘can-not-be-maintained’.